Our team of dedicated salespeople, estimators, engineers, project managers, and detailers demonstrate in-depth industry knowledge to keep us at the forefront of leading-edge technology providing solution to your needs.

Contact us early, at your project design stage or project research stage.  If you would like to discuss constructability or manufacturability, our 30 years of experience can provide solution to your design challenges, and contribute to value creation.

We manufacture from your idea, engineering drawing, SolidWorks file, a sketch, picture, or a sample.

Our capabilities include:

Sheet metals:

Brake forming, laser cutting, brake shearing, rolling,

Laser cutting:

Laser tube and laser pipe cutting 

Precision machining:

Engine lathe, Universal milling machine, CNC turning, CNC milling machine, punch press


Robotic, TIG, MIG, spot welding

Metal finishing: 

Grinding, buffing lathe, polishing
Alodine, anodizing
Wet painting, plating, powder coating 

Complex assemblies:

Fabrication of assemblies from drawing

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Industry: Food processing

Food and sanitary equipment:

Food processing plants put in place numerous measures to prevent and control risks to food contamination.  One important risk mitigation measure would be to select and partner with a fabricator experienced in sanitary design and fabrication practices.  An experienced partner would help identify and correct issues early in the design, and/or installation process.  An awareness of food safety control in the supply of equipment goes a long way toward hazard prevention.

We have long term relationship with customers in food processing.  We provide component fabrication, maintenance, repairs, modification, and new installation of your

  • Custom process equipment
  • Food plant Conveyors
  • Equipment accessories, tanks, bins, racks, ladders, platforms, enclosures, …
Industry: Infrastructural Development and Architectural


On infrastructural development, we fabricate any metal component and assembly to your specifications: accessibility ramp handrails, entrance turnstiles, machine enclosures, and other fabricated pieces of any size in various material type, stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.



Architectural metal requires high quality finishing as well as robust structural performance.  Our experienced team have these requirements on the top of the mind.  We work with designers, engineers, and interior decorators on commercial and residential projects.

Industry: Custom industrial machinery

Since 1850s steel has become a staple of the world’s industrial economy; the steel alloy is omnipresent due to its ability to add strength and durability.  As steel manufacturing process continues to improve, so does fabrication technique of various steel grades and product forms.  Today any steel grade in any form can be fabricated to be applied to almost every aspect of modern society.  At ATH we cut, bend, roll, shape, join, and finish a steel component for any industrial application: machinery, computer, electronics, electrical, etc.

Industry: Aerospace/Military

The aerospace industry continues to expand and innovate in advanced technology.  Aerospace and defense applications demand precision and strict quality control in its manufacturing.  ATH is ISO 9001/AS 9100 certified, our quality system is qualified to service government and OEM procurement initiatives for aerospace, military, and naval markets.